Love to Eat, Perthshire

Love to Eat PerthshireLove to Eat is a Food Tourism Initiative being delivered byBlairgowrie & East Perthshire Tourist Association (BEPTA). The project is supported by a passionate and dedicated team of the BEPTA Committee, other BEPTA Members, and members of the wider community.

Love to Eat supports BEPTA's overall aim of promoting East Perthshire as a year-round, sustainable, quality tourism destination.

The Love to Eat project aims to promote excellent service, locally-sourced food, quality producers and produce, and eating establishments in Blairgowrie and the East Perthshire area.

Our sustainable approach to tourism will mean that we will cross all sectors of business and will also closely involve the community since, with this approach, we believe that the message will be stronger and the benefits so much greater. We are aiming high in all of these avenues to encourage more visitors to the area, where we ultimately aim to be the best!

We want to let you know about the excellent opportunities for finding memorable eating experiences when visiting this very special part of Perthshire, whether you Love to Eat Out ... or Love to Eat In!

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Love to Eat Perthshire

Love to Eat Perthshire

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