Where we've been

hfm-logo-small-homeIn the past year we have produced 50 shows (we only missed 2), a 2 hour Christmas special, and a 2 hour New Year Special.  We've done over 200 interviews.  My own personal highlights were being stopped by a very large highland cow on a footpath, halfway up a mountain, en route to an interview with 30 huskies, and an emotional interview about the children of trafficked sex workers in India.

I would like to thank Daniel for his wonderful efforts all year, despite 6th year exams, running his own business and starting university.   Not just in presenting the programme, but turning out in all weathers to record local artists for the Christmas/New Year shows.

Where we're going

Just before Christmas Ross joined us and we're delighted to have him on board.   With Ross and Daniel doing alternate weeks it takes some of the pressure off Daniel and gives a different flavour to the programme.

We were also very lucky to welcome Gordon Croll, formerly head of horticulture at Dundee University as our resident gardening expert.   He will give seasonal gardening advice each month and present special features on gardens in Perthshire.  He is also keen to help with non-gardening interviews.

We will continue to use guest interviewers, where possible, to give a more in-depth presentation for our listeners. This has been a great success.

We have also just welcomed Ian McKenna to our team.   At the moment Ian is helping with jingles and what's on but we hope he will become more involved this year.

Main goals for this year

  • To increase our audience using Social Media - a facebook page and a webpage on HFM
  • To expand our interview base when it's appropriate  e.g. interviews about Perth should attract more listeners who will learn about East Perthshire
  • To present programmes which will highlight East Perthshire as a place to come and visit.

New things for this year:

  • In the Scotland's year of Food and Drink a monthly cooking slot, by a local chef - a different chef each month. More expert interviews
  • A monthly look at what's available for tourists 
  • A "pause for thought" slot once a month - Rev. Harry Mowbray has agreed to do this
  • A big thank you to everyone who's helped and been involved. Special thanks to Dr. Jessie Shaw and Steve Johnston who started this whole thing, and to Bruce and Heartland for keeping it running and trusting us to do the right thing. Also, to the community, who have welcomed us with open arms.

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Love to Eat Perthshire

Love to Eat Perthshire

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